We specialise in building a range of mobility platforms with exceptional manoeuvrability using our own patented hybrid wheel assembly solution. that allows for ease of stair-climbing, traversing different terrains, supporting different payloads and remote offloading and contact less delivery. These products can undertake high risk and hazardous tasks without endangering human lives.

ciRkshk-Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles


Mini Light-weight and agile tactical robot for surveillance, reconnaissance and close combat operations.

  1. Agile and Noiseless
  2. Dual modes: Autonomous and RC controlled
  3. Shock absorbing wheels
  4. Stealth payload capability


With a mobile articulated track, RakshakBOT is designed for close tactical support during operations, search and rescue and other engineer functions. Its unique design makes it highly flexible and can go over single stair of 16inches with simplified driving.

  1. Patented articulated track system allows stair climbing by simply driving forward allowing access to multi-story building
  2. Ease of mobility in rough terrains
  3. Load carrying capability
  4. Remote offloading of hazardous payload in dangerous areas from a safe distance.
  5. Handle various sizes and shapes of payload with strapped mechanism


A light weight Surveillance UGV, designed for difficult to reach areas. With a patented hybrid wheel assembly, the robot is equipped with 4 cameras for ultimate 360 degree view and an additional optional thermal camera. 

  1. Stair Climbing without reconfiguring wheels
  2. No “upside down” Self-righting capability
  3. Tilt Front Camera allowing inspection under buildings or vehicles
  4. Flexible wireless control via Cellular and WiFi